History of NEMCON

Tom Prete Assembly #127 of The Society of American Magicians was chartered October 10, 1976, with 25 members: Thomas R. Prete, John E. Anthony, Al Rosenfeld, Ralph E. Dunphy, John Kedves, Charles A. Kelman, Jeffery R. Hass, Anthony J. Morotta Jr., Glenn T. Canning, David J. Koscinski, Wayne J. Kovi, Paul Fusco, Albert Palmero, Russell P. Mattei, Keith I. McCurdy, Greg R. Bushman, Steven J. Grossman, Vincent M. Barrelli, John M. Prete, Harry M. Hines, Richard Hodes , William E. Dayton, David Brown, John L. Udall and Jeff Czerbinski .

Those 25 charter members met at the Magic Arts Store, Tom Prete's magic shop in Wallingford Connecticut. Soon, they decided to form a local assembly of The National Society of American Magicians:  Magic Arts Assembly #127. In 1983, members voted to change the club's name to Tom Prete Assembly No. 127 in honor of its founder and first president.

Assembly 127 remained very active over the years. In 1982, it sponsored the first New England Magicians' Conference, “NEMCON.” Performers included George Schindler, Danny Tong, Paul Fusco and the late Hank Morehouse. In 1984, NEMCON honored Chet Karkut as its first honoree.

Tom Prete served as NEMCON chairman several times and was convention chairman at the time of his death in 2007. In 2009, NEMCON incorporated as a 501c (3) organization whose purpose is to conduct conferences, forums, panels, lectures and similar programs for instruction and training in the art and performance of magic.
The current NEMCON chairman is Bill Hoagland.

Tom Prete; founder and first President of Assembly No. 127 of the Society of American
Magician and first chairman of NEMCON Inc.



Tom Prete
1927 - 2007

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