Kostya Kimlat - Kostya Kimlat is known as “the business magician” — a world-renowned speaker, entertainer and sleight-of-hand magician. Kostya has presented his sophisticated brand of magic for thinking audiences in over 200 cities on 5 continents.

In 2006, Kostya was the youngest magician to appear on the cover of MAGIC Magazine. As an entrepreneur, Kostya founded See Magic Live, which books magicians for events across the country. 

His company’s local team has served as the magicians for the NBA’s Orlando Magic since 2010. Most recently he used pure sleight-of-hand to fool Penn & Teller, on their hit CW TV show, “Penn and Teller: Fool Us.” 

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Jonathan & Liane Neal - “Jonathan Neal may be the greatest magician… you have never heard of!” according to Johnny Carson… (the star of the Tonight Show). There is some truth in what Mr. Carson said, because Jonathan and his partner Liane, have kept a pretty low profile in the world of magic.  Nevertheless, they have performed everywhere: From South Africa, to Beijing, China as well as over 1000 shows at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas!

Their ‘absence’ from the world of magic, wasn’t intentional, but shortly after Jonathan moved from Rhode Island to Hollywood, he found that he was swept up in a ‘magic wave’ that had him rubbing shoulders with Copperfield, Henning, Vernon, and Charlie Miller. They were two time winners of the Magic Castle’s Stage Magician of the Year and with multiple appearances on The Tonight Show, they were well on their way!

Jonathan Neal and Liane are living proof that it’s not WHAT you do… It’s the way you do it. In Nightclub, Casino, and TV appearances around the world, they have demonstrated that audiences want “Illusion ...with Style”. Simple, elegant, and exciting mysteries performed with matchless artistry and skill. By combining great music, choreography, and charismatic stage presence, each performance becomes and emotional, memorable event!

Most recently, Jonathan and Liane opened the IBM-SAM Convention in Louisville and on the first night’s gala… stole the show!  Jonathan and Liane will be presenting a portion of their full evening show as well as lecturing on Stage Magic and offering a few other surprise!  Don’t miss this rare new England appearance!




Gazzo ~Gazzo is one of the most sought after professional entertainers in the world. Based in Bath Spa, England Gazzo performs magic all over the world. He has been mixing his comedy, magic, and charm for over 30 years into a must see show. If you need a magician for a corporate event, private function, wedding, or outdoor event; Gazzo can do it all.

Most famous for his cups and balls routine, Gazzo has turned a classic magic effect into a hilarious, magnificent, gut busting night out. He blends his unique style and comedy into his shows that whether you are a fan of magic or not, you become a fan of Gazzo instantly! He has travelled the world performing for all different types of people. He has graced stages across Canada, USA, UK, China, Dubai, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and all over Europe. Recently he was seen on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us on ITV to a great success. “ In all art and performance its the singer not the song and you are the best singer we have ever seen.” Penn of Penn & Teller.

Gazzo is a true expert in sleight of hand for close-up shows and is a true professional when it comes to performing for groups of hundreds to thousands.

As well as being the author of numerous books and dvds in the magic industry; Gazzo performs weekly at his own venue in Bath called Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre.

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Chad Long - Chad Long has performed & lectured all over the world.  He's worked professionally in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, private parties, corporate functions, trade shows and cruise-ships.  His debut performance at the Magic Castle received rave reviews, and he performed regularly at Malone's Magic Bar in South Florida. His convention appearances include the IBM, SAM, Hank Lee's Cape Cod Conclave, British IBM, Magi-Fest, A-1, Abbott's, Blackpool, SCAM, PCAM, SEAM, FISM and the Tokyo Close-up Convention, to name just a few. In December of '98, Chad took 1st place in Ron McMillan's "International Close-Up Competition" in London, England and, in May of '99, Chad was featured on the cover of Magic Magazine.

His material has been published in MAGIC, Linking Ring, M.O., Arcane, Trapdoor, The Looking Glass and M.U.M.  He's also contributed effects to several books and videos, including "Magic for Dummies", as well as the "Art of Astonishment" trilogy and the “Astonishment Project” DVDs by Paul Harris.

Chad's fast-paced lecture combines a high-energy performance along with humorous explanations to bring an enjoyable experience to all. It's filled with both close-up and stand-up effects using everyday objects such as cards, coins, dart guns, pens, rubber bands, keys, spray paint, finger rings, lint brushes, matches, spaghetti and more! This material has been honed by years of performance and there is truly something for everyone!

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Adam Parisi - Winner of SAM63 Close-Up Competiton in 2017. He will be opening our Close- Up show. Adam performs for families, restaurants, and comedy clubs, he can perform just about anywhere.

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