NEMCON 37 Survey

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We hoped you enjoyed NEMCON 37, so that Assembly 127 can continue to
make NEMCON even better, we would appreciate if you would take a few
minutes to answer these questions.


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Hotel: Ratings use a the (scale >> 10-Excellent 1-Poor or N/A)
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4) Friday Night Event:

5) Friday Night Card Jam Comments:

6) Friday Night Hospitality Suite: Comments:

7) Close-Up Show: Comments:

8) Chad Long Lecture: Comments:

9) Jonathan Neal Lecture: Comments:

10) Harrison Greenbaum Lecture: Comments:

11) Evening Show Comments:

12) Dealers: What deales would like to see & did you know they were in 2 rooms?

13) Overall, How would you rate this year's NEMCON : Comments:

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Comments: Please answer Yes or No and any comments you have.

15) Could you hear the lectures/shows OK?

16) Was the lighting good, could you see the performers OK? :

17) What is was your favorite part of the convention?

18) What is was projection of lectures/close-up show clear and visible ?

19) What kind of lecture would you like to see( Mentalism, Family, Stage...)

20) What could be changed to make NEMCON better?

21) If we have a Sunday morning workshop who would you like to see?

22) Any extra comments you may have. :

Thank you for your participation, we strive to always make NEMCON better.



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